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Green Walls - Vertical Gardens

The Hottest Trend in Landscaping

Turn wasted walls into vertical living gardens – both inside and out of your home or office!
 Any vertical surface can be transformed into a living wall of plants. They can disguise eyesores, reinvent urban wastelands, enhance any beauty and add stunning visual impact to every public space, whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor living wall.
Plant the walls with lush foliage, colorful flowers or swaying grasses; transform your walls into living logos, letters or images – This is where you get to be really creative. RANA Greenscapes will make your idea come to life! 
Green Walls (Vertical Gardens) are safe to install on almost any structure, indoors and outdoors. They make a luxury statement and create a welcoming environment for employees, clients, and visitors.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens create a wonderful centerpiece to your interior space and they also help provide natural and essential airflow to your environment. Many employees in office environments are exposed to a lot of harmful air chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Vertical Gardens help increase productivity of the employees by decreasing stress and increasing focus! Vertical gardens are also very space efficient and can fill up any empty space on a wall, no matter the size!  Vertical gardens work like a natural clean air system and promote a better breathing atmosphere and a healthier environment overall. Plants also help to reduce noise pollution which creates a quieter work environment for building

Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Many buildings around the world are starting to install vertical gardens on their walls due to its many advantages. Exterior vertical gardens have the advantage of having natural direct sunlight that makes them thrive easily with little to no maintenance. Exterior vertical gardens also give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and heavy rain. In the summer, exterior vertical gardens use a process called evapotranspiration, which helps cool the air around it while simultaneously providing fresh air for everyone to breathe!

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